Brian is currently booking for events & presentations through 2017. He can sit on panels or be a moderator for them, and teach classes on a variety of topics. His public speaking experience includes 5 years teaching undergraduate classes at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and acting in 4 theater productions for Stage and Steel Productions. Topics Brian frequently covers include, but are not limited to:

  • Character Design
  • Story & Plot Structure
  • Brainstorming
  • How to Pitch a Project
  • Improvisational and Interactive Storytelling
  • Pulling Inspiration from History
  • Basics of Fight Choreography
  • Multi-Format Storytelling

You can see the full list of topics & panels Brian offers here (PDF) and you’re always welcome to invite him to speak on other topics as well.

He has previously been a guest and done presentations at:

  • Atlanta BJD Con 2014
  • Cleveland ConCoction 2015
  • Glenn Montessori School (Sept 2016)
  • Penn-Trafford High School (Feb 2017)

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